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Frozen Pipes – Thawing and Repair




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Frozen Pipes – Thawing and Repair

If you ever try to turn on one of your home’s faucets on an extremely cold day and find little or no water flowing from the spout, then there is a good chance that you are experiencing frozen pipes on at least some of your home’s water distribution lines. Water molecules tend to expand by as much as 10% when frozen. This expansion creates stresses on the piping that carries the water which can result in breaks or bursts that will suddenly present themselves behind walls or ceilings when the ice in the line begins to thaw. If you suspect frozen pipes, it is recommended that you contact your plumber right away.

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Trust Your Frozen Pipes – Thawing and Repair Service to Trusted Local Plumbers

Big on quality and integrity. The fast, friendly and expert professionals at Titan Plumbing are here to help today! We’ve got the right solutions for every pumps and backup systems service or installation – and every budget.


  • Pipe Thawing

    When the forecast calls for cold weather, our Titan service trucks are equipped with heavy duty pipe thawing tools so that we can respond to your frozen pipe emergency quickly.

  • Burst Pipe Repair

    Occasionally, a frozen water line will leave a leak or burst in the pipeline where the expansive ice once resided. Should that occur, shut the water off to your home at your water meter and give us a call. Titan Plumbing service trucks are outfitted with an assortment of water line repair parts to promptly restore water flow to your home.

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Great service, was quick to come out and help with a leaking fitting. The price was a little high, but understandably due to the service being provided. The tech was awesome, explained everything well and was very courteous. Will recommend.

Tyler J. Plainfield, IL

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