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Backup Sump Pumps

sump-pump-failure (1)Your main sump pump just gave out. The rain is still pouring down and water is beginning to seep through the sump pump well cover. Now is not the time to think about a backup sump pump system…now is the time to Bring the Titan!

Here are common scenarios for needing a battery backup sump pump:

  1. Primary sump pump fails.
  2. The power goes out and the primary sump pump cannot function
  3. The primary pump can’t keep up with the volume of  rain from a storm

These are all-too-familiar scenarios. You may not even think about your backup sump pump until it is too late. That is where we can help.

Titan Plumbing not only installs main sump pump systems, we will also work with you to determine the most efficient and affordable backup sump pump for your home or business.

Backup Sump Pump Brands Titan Plumbing Carries

Titan is always at the ready for any sump pump emergency. Whether you need a new sump pump installation or are in need of a reliable battery backup, we can address your needs. All pumps come with a 3 year warranty on parts on labor. Here are the brands of battery backup sump pumps we carry:


PHC Pro Series


The PHCC Pro Series 2400 Battery Backup Sump Pump System handles all the power management, system checks and alarms to put your mind at ease. The pump:

  • Automatically switches to battery power when AC fails
  • Monitors system conditions and sounds an alarm for everything from a pump clog to a disconnected power plug
  • Displays percentage of power remaining in the battery
  • Runs a weekly check to assure the pump is functioning correctly



The NexPump AI Jet offers standard features that other pumps just do not offer:

  • Multiple redundancies built into the system to ensure optimal performance when called upon to perform.
  • Battery life monitor so you know exactly how much charge is left
  • Self testing every 12 hours
  • Simple to use LED control panel keeps you informed of errors, run time and alarms
  • Connects to the internet (via your home or business’ wired or wireless network) to automatically email you when the pump is activated

Why Titan Plumbing Backup Sump Pumps are Better than Big Box Store Models

Backup sump pumps, like any other product you buy, come in various types, sizes and with a variety of features. The choices can be daunting. For example, you may head over to Home Depot or Menards looking for a battery backup. Chances are you will have a few options which seem to offer what you need. There are major advantages to using the brands Titan has to offer over other, basic big box store systems. Here are a few reasons why Titan carries the best:

  • Check the fine print – many of the popular backup sump pumps sold at the big box stores will boast about how many gallons of water they can pump per hour. What the box does not say is that the gallon measurement does not take into account that the water needs to be pumped up and out of the sump well.
    • All the sump pumps Titan Plumbing carry take into account the need to pump water up 10 feet before sending it out of the house
    • Knowing that here is how our pumps compare to big box store systems
  • Charging Power – the more amps the battery backup has, the quicker it can recharge the battery during heavy use. You do not want to have a week backup that cannot keep the pump charged. That is why we only stock powerful brands. See below for a comparison of amps used by our brands vs. big box store brands.
  • Testing…is this pump on? – most of our backup pumps test themselves on a regular schedule in order to assure they are functioning correctly. This assures, ahead of time, that the backup is ready whenever it is called into use. If there is an issue, an alarm will sound notifying you of the issue. Other pumps are installed and just sit there waiting to be used offering no gurantee they will be charged and ready.
Big Box Brand PHCC Pro Series NexPump AI Jet
Gallons Per Hour at 10 feet of vertical lift 1,000 2,400 3,200
Battery Charger .4 amps 13 amps 20 amps
Self-testing Schedule not available Weekly Every 12 hours