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Hot Water Heaters – Installation and Repair


Hot water heater leaking or making strange popping noises?

No hot water or hot water has a rusty color?

Pilot light refuses to stay lit?

Or has your water heater stopped working completely?

If you are having any of these hot water heater issues, call Titan Plumbing NOW! 847-697-9655 or 630-907-9655

We provide 24/7 service, carry standard 40 and 50 gallon water heaters on our trucks at all times to minimize hot water down time and we do not charge extra for night and weekend water heater installation.


Common Hot Water Heater Problems

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Hot water heaters can suffer from any number of issues, problems or failures. Some of the more common problems we see at Titan Plumbing are:

  • Leaks – the location of your water heater leak is key in diagnosing the issue.
    • If your heater drain valve is leaking, you can check to make sure the valve is completely closed. Call Titan if the leak continues even though the valve is completely shut off.
    • Temperature and pressure relief valves on water heaters can be sources of leaks and can indicate a valve failure or pressure from within the tank is forcing the valve open. We can quickly assess the issue and determine the fix.
    • A leak from the bottom of your water heater may be a sign of a tank deterioration. Water will appear underneath your water heater due to a link in the internal tank which has found its way out of the tank. water under your water heater should be checked immediately.
  • Cracks – a water heater crack can occur when too much pressure builds up in the tank causing expansion and deterioration inside the tank. Next thing you know, the tank corrodes and water begins to leak from the tank.
  • Noises and popping – your water heater can start making popping sounds (similar to the sound of popcorn popping) when sediment build up in your tank and is not properly drained. Sediment builds up during the normal use of a hot water heater and, as that sediment builds up, it collects at the bottom of the hot water heater tank. When that occurs, each time you turn on hot water in your house, you may notice a popping sound while the hot water is in use and even after you turn off the hot water. Titan plumbing will drain the water heater and appropriately diagnose the water heater noises.
  • No hot water – if you notice that you have to let the water run longer than usual before it gets hot or you simply are not getting any hot water, your hot water heater needs to be checked. Uncovering the issues needs careful inspection and issues could range from heat coil issue, complete water heater failure or some other issue.
  • Thermocouple and/or pilot light won’t light or stay lit – A properly functioning pilot light will fire without issue and the thermocouple will sense the pilot light and know to heat the water in the tank. The thermocouple will not heat your water if it does not sense the light. A pilot light that does not light or stay lit won’t heat water. Titan Plumbing will investigate the thermocouple and pilot light to determine if the thermocouple can be replaced.

Titan Plumbing Water Heater Services

You depend on your hot water heater for so many things that it is easy to forget just how critical it is to your home. Washing dishes and24-hour-service clothes, showers and baths or quick hand washing in the sink. You quickly realize just how many times a day you use hot water once the water heater breaks down.

Most water heaters last between 10 and 15 years and, if you do not know your water heater’s age, now is a good time to check. Most of the time there are stickers or plates on the water heater that indicate install date or age. If your residential or commercial water heater is older than 10 years old and you haven’t had it serviced in a while, we recommend you call us. Older water heaters can develop cracks and leaks which quickly escalate into emergencies.

Titan Plumbing will do an assessment of your water heater to determine if the water heater may develop cracks or leaks, if the couplings are in good shape and check the stability of the heating element. Where repairs can be made, Titan will discuss options and cost. In situations where repairs will not work, we will recommend a water heater replacement based on your household or company needs.

New Water Heater Replacement

Is your water heater ready to quit? Bring the Titan today!

water heater failure

We specialize in water heater installations for both commercial and residential properties. So much so that all of our trucks carry standard 40 and 50 gallon water heater replacements so we can be on the job and installing right away…when you Bring the Titan we come prepared to minimize the amount of time your company or family are without hot water.

Titan Plumbing works with many brands of water heaters such as Bradford White (an American made product that offers strong manufacturers warranties and customer support). We also service and install Rheem, AO Smith, State, GE, American, Whirlpool, Premier, and Richmond water heaters and products. Our experience with multiple water heater brands means we can provide the best water heater for your residential or company application. Contact us today to answer your water heater questions.

Types of Water Heaters

We will work with and advise you on which products to use when considering a new water heater. There are options in the residential and commercial market to address multiple types of installs including the venting options available:

Atmospheric Vent

The most common type of water heater which vents gases to the outside by relying on the difference of temperature and pressure from inside and outside topull the exhaust gas up and out of the building.

atmospheric vent


Direct Vent Water Heater

These water heaters are normally installed close to an outside wall in order to easily vent the exhaust directly outside. The vent through a double layer pipe which draws outside air in through one layer while venting out the other layer of pipe.

direct vent water heater


Power Vent Water Heater

Power vent units use a fan to force exhaust gases out through the vent pipe and can vent through horizontal pipes (rather than vertical pipes required for atmospheric and direct vent systems). These factors allow power vent water heaters to be installed in places where other water heaters cannot be located.

power vent water heater