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Backflow Testing

backflow testing

Does your home have a backflow preventer valve?

Do you need a certified backflow testing professional to test your backflow system?

If so, call Titan Plumbing NOW! 847-697-9655 or 630-907-9655

We are an Illinois certified backflow prevention testing  plumbing service capable of testing, repairing and maintaining your backflow prevention system

What is Backflow?

Aa sudden, unexpected drop in water pressure in your home or business, unclean water can flow back into the house thus reversing the normal flow of water. This is called backflow and causes health concerns because clean water can become contaminated by dirty (or non potable) water. Common causes of water pressure drops range from frozen pipes to water main breaks.

How is Backflow Prevented?

A backflow prevention device is installed in the pipe which supplies water to your home or building in order to stop the potential backflow of dirty water. This device detects any sudden changes in water pressure and, if the water pressure drops, blocks any water from backflowing into the home or building.
These backflow preventers can be installed and inspected by Titan Plumbing. By state law, each backflow preventer must be inspected each year to make sure it is functioning correctly. These inspections must be conducted by certified professionals such as Titan Plumbing. We have gone through the backflow prevention certification training and earned the proper credentials for testing backflow preventer devices. If you need a backflow inspection, call Titan plumbing to schedule an inspection