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Water Heater Leaking? Consider these tips before replacement.

So you are going about your normal life at home, business as usual; possibly cleaning, organizing, or putting something away near your water heater when you see the unmistakable sign of water pooling beneath the system. Oh, <insert your choice of expletive here>! Replacing a water heater is a significant expense to the average homeowner. […]

Water Conditioning Service & Plumbing

Titan Plumbing provides water conditioning services to help alleviate your concerns over the quality or condition of your water. We will take care of common water problems such as: Hard Water – Hard water can wreak havoc with your laundry, cause scale build up on your faucets and drains and leave your skin dry after […]

24-Hour Emergency Plumber

24-Hour Emergency Plumber Plumbing emergencies do not care what time it is and can happen any time throughout the day or night, on weekends or over holidays. It is important to have a local plumber available for your emergency plumbing needs. Titan is your 24-hour, on-call plumber. Your plumbing emergencies can range from a burst […]


24-Hour Plumbing Services for Plumbing Emergencies Trust Your Plumbing Emergency to Titan Plumbing The fast, friendly and expert professionals at Titan Plumbing are here to help today! Call Titan Plumbing any time, day or night at 847-697-9655 or 630-907-9655. Our representatives will quickly respond to your request.


Water Conditioning Service & Plumbing Water Softener & Filtration System Services Titan Plumbing provides solutions for common water issues such as hard water or iron staining. Our certified professionals assess the root cause of your water issues in order to recommend common solutions such as water softeners or filtration systems to address the issues.